What is an HRDC-Validated Job Offer

It is an offer for employment in your favour (the prospective immigrant), and it is issued by a genuine Canadian employer. The employer and the offer are then reviewed by Human Resource and Development Canada (HRDC).



















What are the benefits of an HRDC-Validated Job Offer

There are significant benefits for prospective immigrants to Canada:
First of all, it adds 15 points to the score under the Skilled Worker category. This means that if you are scoring between 52 and 66 points, you can qualify for immigration to Canada by obtaining an HRDC-Validated Job Offer.
Secondly, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has publicly stated that it is their goal to FAST TRACK applications supported by an HRDC Validated Job Offer. This means that you may get approved for your visa in a much shorter time, even if you don't need the extra points.
Lastly, and most importantly, having a genuine Job Offer before arriving in Canada gives you the ability to settle down with an income as soon as you arrive.

How do I get an HRDC-Validated Job Offer

The Canada Career Network can arrange it for you, if your skills, work experience and education are compatible with High Demand Occupations in Canada. We offer a free evaluation, The first step is to submit a resume to us containing complete details about yourself. Please refer to the "Submit a Resume" page on our site for more details. This page also allows you to submit your resume to us online. If our experts find your profile suitable, then we will send you complete details about our services.

How long does it take to get an HRDC-Validated Job Offer

We are committed to arranging a Job Offer for clients within 90 days of being retained by you. After this, the Job Offer is submitted to the HRDC for validation. The delays are HRDC vary depending on where the prospective Employer is located.

What kind of Job and how much pay will I be offered

The HRDC-Validated Job Offers are only available for jobs falling in Skill Levels 0, A and B, as defined in the Canadian National Occupational Codes. These jobs are classified as managerial or skilled in nature. The Canadian employer is required to offer salary that is equivalent to what other Canadians earn in similar occupations.